Infrared Sauna Studio, Dry Floatation Therapy and PEMF therapy

Bringing you Northern Irelands first ever Infrared sauna studio in Belfast. Where innovation meets luxury with the best & safest infrared saunas on the market. Our saunas our 25x stronger than the nearest competitor containing near, mid and far infrared waves which have zero EMF and ELF, the only ones of their kind! Come along to your own private infrared sauna session, relax and take in our medical grade chromotherapy, breathe in our therapeutic grade essential oils and finish off with a refreshing aromatherapy infused towel. Leave feeling amazing, an experience not to be missed!

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70 Degree safe heat, without the UV damage from the sun. So safe even babies use infrared therapy


Unlike traditional saunas which heat the body from the outside-in, resulting in hot, often intolerable air – our infrared saunas heat the body from the inside-out, leaving the air pleasant and comfortable, allowing for a longer sweat.


Studies have shown that benefits of an infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax! As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.


Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Infrared sauna benefits include therapy that helps you relax while receiving an invigorating deep tissue sweat, leaving you fully refreshed after each session.


Sweat from traditional saunas is 95 to 97% water with salt making up a part of the rest. In infrared saunas, only 80 to 85% of the sweat is water, and the remaining 15 to 20% contains the cholesterol, fat soluble and heavy metal toxins we aim to eliminate. Infrared sauna is the fastest way to remove theses toxins.

Immune booster


Aids in cell health, muscle recovery, and overall immunity defense.
Infrared therapy stimulates the circulatory system, causing the heart to beat more vigorously and blood vessels to dilate, which help cleanse the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body’s cells. Increased production of white blood cells and toxin removal improve immunity against allergy symptoms, chronic infections, flu, germs, and bacteria.


Perspire in a pristine, spotless, private suite. Infrared heat kills 99% of bacteria, creating an inherently sterile environment. Relax your mind and rejuvenate your body in confidence.


Healing heat natural pain relief.

Our saunas help penetrate tissue, joints, and muscles to relieve anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. Pain management professionals incorporate infrared heat therapy into treatment plans to decrease pain and muscle spasms to help the body heal itself naturally.


Our saunas can greatly help ease sore, damaged, or tired muscles of athletes. he heat penetrates the muscles, increasing blood circulation and assisting with repair. It will also help in the reduction of lactic acid, allowing tight muscles to relax and rejuvenate.

Look and feel younger

Healing heat infrared saunas will help restore skin to a youthful appearance and help you look and feel younger.Leave feeling with well-toned, healthy, great-looking skin.Don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself!

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Clients Reviews

“I have been using the sauna at healing heats other premises for a few weeks now. My skin has never been better. I suffer with bad acne, thank you so much for bringing this into my life”

Carmel – Belfast

“I was weary of trying Infrared therapy as I don’t like a traditional sauna due to the steam and it’s too warm. I was pleasantly surprised and how I was able to sit for 30mins very comfortably and couldn’t believe the amount I perspired. I left feeling fresh, energised and clear. Love them; I look forward to this after a hard day’s work”

Karen – Lisburn

“Having suffered from Lyme disease infrared therapy really helped on my road to recovery. My pain reduced and energy levels improved. The therapists are so knowledgeable and friendly giving me a great detox protocol. Thank you”

Michael – Belfast

“I have wanted to try an infrared sauna for sports recovery. I am glad I came across healing heats other premises. My performance and recovery has improved massively and back pain eases each time I go. I love being able to go into a private room, plug my phone into the infrared sauna and listen to my music. A great way to finish after the gym”

Karl – Dundonald

“I have used a few infrared saunas before, but Healing heat has by far the most updated premium saunas at a fantastic price. I have never sweated as much in my life! It’s so comfortable and relaxing, I look forward to my weekly sessions.”

Sarah – Belfast