Ambassador Programme


Here at Healing Heat we are all about promoting and inspiring our services to everyone.  Many people who come through our doors have never tried our unique services before and they leave feeling amazing.  Fancy earning extra cash for doing what you love? If this sounds like something you want to be part of , you too could be the next addition to our ambassador programme.

To become a Healing Heat ambassador you will need to be:

  •  Active on social media
  •  Have a passion about our brand
  •  Be over 18
  •  Regularly using our services
  •  Happy to wear a Healing Heat T-shirt to training events
  •  Take high quality photos/videos using our services


  • Affiliation to the Healing Heat brand
  •  20% off all Healing Heat services for yourself
  •  Your own unique discount code to share on your posts to promote us
  •  10% commission paid from each purchase that is made using your discount code

What do I need to become an ambassador?

The main thing is passion for our brand.  We want people to join our team who want to help us grow.  In return for promoting our products on social media, face to face and online you will be paid 10% commission on new client sales. This is tracked through your unique code and paid quarterly via paypal.

Is it mandatory to use your services while promoting your products?

Yes.  The reason for this is not to make money from you, its to prove that you are willing to support the brand and you are serious about Healing Heat and the benefits you get from using us.  After all how can you really promote and call yourself an ambassador if you don’t use the service?  If you promote us effectively , you should be able to earn the money you spend on our services.