Infrared light is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum. The heat penetrates the skin, warms your body from the inside out, and helps to eliminate the build-up of toxins in your body. Infrared heat is gentle on the skin and provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

Yes, our saunas come backed by the latest science available to us that ensures you receive the best in infrared technology. Infrared heat is completely safe and all objects give off and receive infrared heat. In fact, it is so safe, hospitals use similar heaters to warm newborns. Infrared is a part of nature and essential for life. The human body gives off and receives infrared in the far infrared band. When a mother rubs a babies stomach to relieve pain, it is the infrared heat from her hand that is causing the healing effect. We have tuned our True Wave heaters to give off far infrared in this same range for maximum absorption by your body and for maximum therapeutic benefits.

Yes it can be, or you can book a double /treble occupancy suite with a friend. Your sauna experience will be private and uninterrupted.

The less the better to allow maximum skin exposure. This could be a bathing suit, shorts and a tank, or go “au naturel” for a more liberated sweat (we don’t judge). You can wrap yourself in a towel that we provide for each guest. It’s all up to you.

What do I need to do to make the most out of my session.

Keep hydrated before during and after you session. If it really important to replace electrolytes after your sauna session. We have a juice bar on site with plenty of choice to keep hydrated.

NO.  Your body continues to sweat for approximately 30/45 minutes after your session ends. We recommend showering after your body has cooled down and you have hydrated sufficiently at home. Don’t stop the toxins from sweating out your pores by showering, let your body cool down naturally.  This is what’s known as a clean sweat and you wont feel dirty!!

At least twice a week is ideal, but you can book a session as often as you like! It is a great complement to your exercise routine and also perfect for a rest or recovery day. Our sauna specialists will guide you on certain detox protocols, please just ask.

Yes under 16s must be accompanied with an adult. The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass,limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands and the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. When using with a child, operate at a lower temperature and for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

Health and hygiene is our priority! The heat and infrared light of our saunas are naturally disinfecting and kill 99.9% of bacteria. We also lay towels on the bench that are changed between each session, as well as provide individual towels for each guest. In addition, the rooms are cleaned and sanitized between each visit with non-toxic supplies, to insure you enjoy the best experience.

Infrared saunas impart amazing benefits; however, if you are unsure, you should consult with your physician before booking a session. Do not use if you are pregnant or elderly, have serious inflammation, cardiovascular conditions, a fever, a communicable disease, hemophilia, or are intoxicated or dehydrated. You should consult with your physician regarding certain medications, or if you have sensitivity to heat, or a condition that affects your body’s ability to sweat. All our customers must either download or form or fill out at our premises before using our saunas.


We pride ourselves on being the first company In Northern Ireland and Ireland that provides you with the very latest health and wellbeing technology for dry floatation therapy, a sensory deprivation tank.  Our Healing Float is a chance for you to reap all the benefits floatation has to offer while keeping your clothes on! Yes you read that right, floating while keeping you dry!

YES! Our dry floatation is suitable for everyone without limitations or contradictions

Just yourself, its that simple.. no showering after, no wet rooms or changing rooms.  Just come into your own private studio, kick off your shoes, RELAX and float into another dimension.

In short no,  Our Healing float combines the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of weightlessness with an extreme speed and ease of use.  When you lie down you will feel the rigid supporting surface be lowered electronically immersing the body in the patented special membrane for a complete dry floating experience. You will feel like your levitating on zero gravity