Infrared Sauna blanket

CORONA VIRUS UPDATE – With the WHO ( World Health Organisation) releasing data on the Covid-19 virus and heat we have now launched a sale price of our blankets.  They stated “Heat at 56°C kills the SARS coronavirus at around 10000 units per 15 min (quick reduction).” Our infrared blankets have 3 settings top, middle and bottom, each section allows you to set a temperature  from 34 – 70 DEGREES, WOW!

Take the magic of Healing Heat home

Take the benefits of healing heat home with you with our amazing top of the range infrared sauna blankets. Celebrities like Megan Markle, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston use these in their daily regimes. These blankets help you burn up to 600 calories just by lying down. They detoxify the body, rejuvenate the skin, and increase your happy endorphins. It’s a relaxing and soothing spa like experience at home. Helps to reduce pain and leaves you feeling AMAZING.

Healing heat was created to support you on your path towards achieving better health, prevention is better than cure. Whether it is weight loss, pain or injury recovery, detoxification or simply stress relief and relaxation. Our infrared blankets are an amazingly effective tool for natural healing and prevention.

Tourmaline layer generates negative ions

Charcoal layer to amplify detoxification process

Medical grade magnetic strip for improved blood circulation

EMF free heating

Velcro strap for better fastening

Easy to control

Premium non-toxic interior and exterior fabrics

3 different heat sections

Easy to use


The Benefits*

  • DETOXIFICATION – Detox your elimination organs,  support your immune system 7 time more effective than traditional saunas
  • WEIGHTLOSS – Can burn up to 600cals per hour and targets fat cells
  • SLEEP AID – Can help you get a better nights sleep
  • REDUCE PAIN – Far infrared works safely to reduce inflammation and pain
  • RECOVERY – Aids the sore tired muscles and joints
  • HELPS DEPRESSION/ANXIETY – Release endorphins and naturally helps lower cortisol levels
  • GLOWING SKIN – A natural anti aging effect, helps with skin conditions



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  • 14 day returns policy for unopened blankets, return shipping will be at customer expense
  • For any return enquiries please contact and allow 1-2 working days for a response