Healing Heat for home or business use

With these many years of experience, we’ve had time to perfect our sauna technology. Now you too can experience what professional athletes and health experts already know. We’ve got a sauna to suit every need.

All of our Infrared Saunas are made from finest eco-certified woods, use our unique Carbon/Ceramic Heater Technology for most effective infrared therapy and come with a lifetime warranty for private customers or 5 years for commercial use. If you are a sports therapy clinic, health club, leisure centres or fitness centres its a great way to generate significant additional income. For Home use these are amazing for all the family to use.


Healing Heat are the original infrared sauna studio in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Our expert knowledge and advice will guide you through all process.  From purchasing your infrared sauna to a free installation from our experts for either your home or business.  We offer free demonstrations at our main branch on Lisburn Road, Belfast ( by appointment only)


We only want the best for our personal and business customers. Our infrareds are the only infrareds on the market with ZERO EMF and low ELF and 25x stronger than the nearest competitor. With consumer trends showing a significant rise towards EMF awareness we would always advice to ask another manufacturer what their EMF readings are. Would you really want to be zapping your cells? Do you want the best for you customers? You get what you pay for, when it comes to price they are inexpensive because of inferior quality.

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