Our Mission

We are energy medicine specialists from Belfast who own a health and wellbeing clinic in Belfast EST 2017. We have expertise in detoxifying and decided one infrared just wasn’t enough. This is when the idea of Healing Heat became reality.

Healing heat was created to support you on your path towards achieving better health, prevention is better than cure. Whether it is weight loss, pain or injury recovery, detoxification or simply stress relief and relaxation. Our luxury infrared saunas are an amazingly effective tool for natural healing and prevention.

Our saunas contain zero EMF( electromagnetic fields) or ELF ( extremely low frequency) we are the best and safest on the market. There might be imitations of our infrareds but trust us when we say they are not good for you.  Ask what the EMF reading is, check it out you do not want to microwave your cells in a less quality product.  Don’t use just any infrared sauna. Choose the BEST only at Healing Heat.

We are the first to bring these type of saunas anywhere in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.  These aren’t just any infrared saunas they are the BEST.  We provide you with near, mid and far infrared healing heat, our full spectrum heaters provide you with an experience like no other.  Try it today!

This infrared therapy is 100% natural , a non invasive drug free alternative for your health. Infrared waves contain no harmful UV rays that can damage you health.  Our infrared waves are natural waves of the sun without the UV damage. You will not tan it is 100% safe. Support your vital organs by detoxing in our amazing state of the art infrared saunas.  You wont regret it.


Kate became a qualified nutritional therapist in 2017. Kate has also taken an interest in weight loss and healing chronic illness through nutrition, supplements and detox. Kate strongly believes in balancing the body to achieve overall health & wellness. Many of her unique weight loss protocols include infrared therapy. Infrared light waves can penetrate the skin; they can literally burn fat and clear your system of both body fat and blood-floating fats, like cholesterol.

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