The little kit to show you’re missed




Our new and exclusive range of personalised gifts.  The handmade gift is one of a kind.  Designed with love this gift is the ideal present for someone needing a little pick me up during lockdown.  A safe thoughtful present that can personalised and delivered to their doorstep , contact free!

Contains the following items and verse.

To ……….

I thought I’d send you little kit to show you’re missed. Here’s a

Heart – Keep your head up and your heart strong

Screen wipe – So you can always see your loved ones clearly

Marble – Keep calm and don’t loose them

String – To hold it all together

Plaster – To help mend the broken pieces

Battery – To stay positive better days are on their way

Candle – There’s light at the end of the tunnel

Now let’s put a pin in it and look to the future.

Here’s a,

Beer mat – For when you can drink in your favourite bar

Tooth pick – For when your favourite restaurant reopens

Shell – Bring it to the beach when you get there, you will get there!

Tea-bag – For when friends call in for a cuppa

Toilet roll – as a reminder you never know what you’ve got until its gone.

You survived the great toilet roll crisis of 2020

Stick together while staying apart, thanks for being a great friend! –

See you soon,

Lots of love,


Can personalise To and from, and friend, mother, daughter, husband, partner, wife, sister, brother.

Perfect personalised gift handmade with love in social distancing and stick sanistied conditions.

Free delivery to all UK and Ireland

1-2 days to process order please email with To, From, and relationship field




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